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Beer Line cleaning

At Magic Tap,LLC we clean the lines using a recirculating pump. This method is 80 times more effective than other methods.

Beer lines are cleaned to the Brewer’s Association Standards. Each line is drained and recirculated with a cleaning solution followed by a rinse. The rinse cycle is tested to ensure that no cleaning solution is present before reconnecting to the keg. Faucets are removed, disassembled and hand cleaned every time.

Brewer’s Association Standards recommend cleaning every 2 weeks with an alkaline cleaner (Standard Cleaning) and every 3 months (Quarterly Cleaning), with an acid and alkaline cleaner.

Why clean your lines?

Clean line maximize profits and keep your customers happy each pint of beer poured. Clean lines assure the taste is the way the brewer intended. Foul, dirty lines ruins the taste and quality of fine beers. Proper line cleaning will result in fresher tasting beer, increased keg sales and greater profit for retailer! (For more reason see Why Clean? tab.)

WINE line cleaning

All services include a complete service record for cleaning done on your premises.

We will recommend any replacement parts that may be needed.

*All prices are based on 2 week line cleaning service.

*Prices based on direct and short draw systems.

*Long draw systems will need estimate

*If you have 30+ lines call for a free estimate

*We do have an option for Green cleaners, but the price is higher due to higher cost of chemicals.