Why Should You clean your lines?

Why do you want to clean your beer lines every two weeks instead of monthly?

Every time beer is left in the lines not moving a layer forms on the inside surface of the beer lines. These layers build up and after 10 days these layers of bacteria and beer particles can cause taste issues in your beer. Even though recirculating cleaning is 80% more effective than other methods there are only so many layers that can be removed in a regular cleaning. The Brewers Association has determined that after 2 weeks the amount of bacteria and particles in the lines are not completely removed in one cleaning. This means if you are getting monthly cleanings your lines are never getting fully cleaned. After 9 months to a year of monthly cleaning there are so many layers left behind that they cause beer to begin to taste different, even though you think your lines are clean.

You, the owner of this beer system paid thousands of dollars to have your system installed to ensure good quality beer and to maximize profits. Dirty beer lines can cause customers to give you bad reviews and you could lose business. If your system is neglected long enough beer lines and other parts will need to be replaced causing thousands of dollars in lost profits. The main reason you are paying for this service is to ensure your beer is as fresh as the day it was brewed, and your system is maintained to reduce long-term expenses and profit loss.

you want to change to monthly cleanings or have changed to monthly cleanings
  • See above “Why Do you want to clean your beer lines every 2 weeks instead of monthly”.
  • You changed to monthly cleanings and have not noticed any changes in beer taste or quality?
    • The change in your quality will not be noticeable for a few months. As the layers build up quality will slowly start to decrease.
  • According to the Brewers association to effectively clean your lines and maintain a quality system, beer lines need to be cleaned every 2 weeks. This is not something Magic Tap determined. To maintain beer that is as fresh and tastes the way the brewers intended Magic Tap follows the Brewers Association guidelines.
why choose magic tap, llc over the competitors?
  • Magic Taps technicians are Micro Matic certified.
  • At Magic Tap we follow Brewers Association guidelines. Meaning Bi-weekly cleaning and quarterly cleanings.
  • Magic Tap only uses recirculating cleaning methods. This method is 80% more effective than other cleaning methods.
  • We just don’t clean draught beer lines. We service, install systems and recommend replacement parts to ensure your system is running as good as the day it was installed.
  • All replacement parts recommended are stainless steel. Stainless steel is far superior than the cheap parts that rust, coating fall off and break more often.
  • We also service wine systems and clean wine draught lines.

On site cleaning log is provided for proof of cleaning.