Magic Tap's goal is to serve the needs of restaurants and bars throughout the Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and surrounding areas of Wisconsin.

We offer bi-weekly beer line cleaning, technical services, repair and installation (certification via Micro Matic) for your draught beer system. This includes, but is not limited to, technical support, line replacement, system upgrades, installation and troubleshooting.

At Magic Tap, LLC we are serious about draught beer quality. The Brewers Association has determined that bi-weekly cleaning is the best practice to maintain quality beer to taste just as it was brewed.

Our goal is to establish a professional relationship with our customers and to provide you with quality service for your draught beer system. This includes cleaning and maintaining your system. Nothing is worse than serving bad beer, or no beer because of system failure.

Beer line cleaning

Electric Recirculating cleaning is 80 times more effective than other methods. Removes Beer stone, Resins, Proteins, Hops from the brewing process, and Bio films. It also kills bacteria, molds, and yeast. We ensure each beer pours and tastes as the brewer intended.

technical services micro matic certification

Micro Matic Certification 2017 * Installation * Repair * Line Cleaning * Technical support * Beer System Installation * Wine System Installation

WINE line cleaning

Electric recirculating cleaning.  Removes and dissolves tartrate, tannis and biofilms.  Kills bacteria, molds and yeast.

Certified Micro Matic Installer

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